Out of My Lungs

This piece was done while I was battling a bout of bronchitis, which I actually get quite easily when get a cold. I heard somewhere that once you get it, it never really goes away, but rather lingers in your lungs until something triggers it or weakens your immune system. I had my first bout at around four-years-old and it lingered for months. I was pretty sick, so sick that it actually effected the the development of my adult teeth. Extreme illness can sometimes bring on other problems.

Those of you who know me personally knew that I’m getting over a pretty nasty cold right now. Thankfully, due to TWO strong antibiotics and rest, I believe I’ve dodged the bronchitis 8-ball for now.

Enough about that. This is another Ultra Fractal 4.04 piece. I highly recommend clicking on the link above to see a larger image of the piece to get some detail. I personally like the muted colors classic spiral form. I had to manipulate my layers quite a bit to get elements placed where I wanted. Overall, I think this took about 2-4 hours to create and I am extremely pleased with the results.

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