New Fractal Program Released

I would like to introduce to you the first official release of Incendia, a 3D fractal creation program. I myself have had the pleasure of beta-testing this incredible piece of software and have been please with the results I have gotten.

The author, Ramiro Perez, is one heck of a fractal artist and has been writing his own fractal programs for quite a few years now. After much poking and prodding from his fellow fractal artists on deviantART, Perez, who goes by the handle Aexion, came out with Incendia.

Just looking at his fractals from Incendia shows the potential this program has.

I would like to thank Aexion for his hard work and the time that he put into this undertaking. I know that he did run into some hardship during the creation of the program.

As of now, Incendia 1.0 is freeware. It works best on a multiprocessor PC, but there is a single processor version available. It will run on Windows XP and Visa, and requires a graphics card that can handle 3D graphics.

Interested in this software? Want to see more of what Incendia can do? Check out these links.

All the Incendia 1.0 images in this post were created by me. They’re not as cool as Aexion’s but, I like’em!

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