Friday Links 7

Today I am going to feature how-to’s from a web site called Instructables. You can find out how to do anything on just about anything there. Here are three examples that I think are helpful.

$1 Camera Image Stabilizer
: You have to see it too believe it. It’s amazing what a bolt, twine, and a washer can do. My husband actually made this for me.

Simple Leather Book Binding using power tools! BSG edition.: Since I am a nerd, I had to link this. “BSG” stands for Battlestar Galactica, which my husband and I have started watching on DVD (we don’t have cable.). This is a great project and it really does look like the books in the show!

Ginger Molasses Cookies
: There are a plethora of recipes on Instructables, some strange, some normal. Here’s a normal one that is a great cookie for dipping milk.

I do recommend signing up for a free account on Instructables. You can some nice perks, such as downloading instructions.

About the above image
Title: Synaptic Response
Program: Apophysis
This is one for the first truly “cool” fractals that I made.

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