Friday Links 8 Extra!

Small Dog Rescue
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I know, another photo featuring dogs, but I have a point here. Today I am featuring links to places that focus on animal rescue and adoption. This is a cause near and dear to my heart. I volunteer with a group that fights puppy mills. I am a firm believer in spay/neuter, pet adoption, and humane treatment.

Adopt-A-Pet: This place allows you to search for dogs and cats, has celebrity endorsements, and has tons of information for you and how to take care of your furry friends. There is a lot of educational material here. is another fantastic pet search. Different rescues and shelters link to Petfinder and people can pull up and search results directly from one source. I have a friend that adopted her black pug puppy from a rescue that linked him on Petfinder. Remember Bosley?

The Animal Rescue Site: This web site is a “a click to give” site. If you click on the big purple button, the site’s advertisers donate food to animals in shelters. It’s an easy way to help! Plus, they have a cool store where proceeds go to the animals.

Now for the Extra! part… I am going to link some of my personal favorite animal rescue sites.

  • October 25 is Pit Bull Awareness Day. I have never met a mean pit bull. I believe people make the dogs mean through deliberate mistreatment.
  • MAESSR: A rescue site for a breed near and dear to my heart….English springer spaniels!
  • United Against Puppy Mills: I voluteer with this organization.
  • Pet Attraction: A place for pet lovers to meet and interact. Everytime you log in, the site’s advertisers donate a penny to a animal organization that you can choose from.

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