Friday Links 9: Halloween Edition

Since it is Halloween, I thought I would focus on things that can give one the willies. I looking at ghost photography and hearing about those places. A good scare can be fun. Let’s begin!

Gettysburg Ghosts: This intrepid group explores Gettysburg, PA, which is one of the most haunted places in the state, and other surrounding areas for paranormal activity. Besides have a great collection of photos and sound recordings, this group also has a very scientific methodology to their work.

Eastern State Penitentiary
: This is the old, closed prison in Philadelphia, PA that housed some of the countries most infamous prisoners, such as Al Capone, and is very haunted. Not only is it creepy, it’s an historical treasure.

Learn the Basics of Ghost Photography
: No Friday Links would be complete without a how-to, so here it is. There are some excellent tips here and and the rest of the site has some great information about ghost hunting as well.

About today’s fractal: This is a piece entitle “The Watcher” that I made using the formulas and algorithms of fractal artist Gilles Nadeau. I chose to feature it today because it gives me the willies.

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