Holiday Cards for Sale

During my convalescence here at home, I’ve designed some holiday cards, one design for Christmas and one for Hanukkah, since I am 1/4 Jewish.

This is the Christmas card and the fractal is called Christmas in the Air. The inside of the card says “May the Blessing of Christmas be with You All Throughout the Year.” To purchase, click on the links.

I made this design after I realized that our Jewish friends don’t get a lot of fractal love and thought that it would made a neat card design. I actually made this fractal last year, but updated it recently for cards. It’s simply titled Happy Hanukkah, and Hanukkah, by the way starts at sundown on December 21st and ends at nightfall on December 29st. The inside greeting says “May Your Hanukkah be full of Merriment and Joy!”

These items are up for sale on my store. I also have some interesting shirts and and other items there for purchase that would make great presents or treats for yourself.

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