Pimping Joe

Tieradoodle by Jenn Dixon

As a note, I will be going through a few gradual formatting changes, so bear with me.

To start off, it’s been a slow day at work, so I was messing around in Tierazon and Photoshop and came up with this simple little number.

What I really want to write about is something completely non-art or photography related. I want to introduce you to my friend and co-worker Joe Sharpe. Joe is an aspiring sports writer and has started off by writing his own sports blog. Joe blogs about anything sports. He often roots for Buffalo, NY teams because that’s where he’s from. He would love some more readers, so go give him a visit! Now!

Here’s how to visit Joe on the Web:

Click on: New York Nicks Blogging Community
Click on Joe’s picture on the front page (he’s the first new Knick’s fan and is wearing a Steelers jersey). By going in this way, the site can better track Joe’s stats.

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