Color for an Otherwise Dull Day

Chroma Chromatic
by Jenn Dixon 2006

This is a fractal I made when I was discovering fractals as an art form with an Ultra Fractal rip-off called ChaosPro. I mean, ChaosPro is a decent program, but what it can do, UF can do better and more of it. ChaosPro is the cheapskate’s version of Ultra Fractal, I guess, and there’s really nothing wrong with that.

One glaring thing that is wrong with this piece is the lack of anti-aliasing, which ChaosPro does NOT do, but UF does. Therefore, I got some jagged lines here. Otherwise, the colors are nice and I like the curves, so it gets a feature today.

I suppose I also posted this because I’m feeling a blue today. I am bored out of my gourd here at work due to the snail’s crawl of the economy right now, more specifically, the real estate market.

5 thoughts on “Color for an Otherwise Dull Day

  1. What Zayiflama said, translated into English: “As far as the forest, the symbolic value that can show is of something classic, traditional and common of that time.”Thank you for the comment! Gracias!


  2. Botoks Kremi said: “The story of Rapunzel has an indefinite historical space, since it exactly does not say to the name of the country or city to us in which the action is developed.” Hmmm….


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