Friday Links 13: Adobe Photoshop Plugins Test

Since I am once again faced with an ultra-dead day at work, I’d figure I would give some Photoshop plug-ins a shot. Photoshop plug-in are basically a program with a program. All those Filters in Photoshop are essentially plug-ins. Plug-ins can do anything from cleaning up noisy JPEGs to adding stunning effects. Some can do simple tasks, while others very complex. With that said, here’s what I tested.

Fractalius by Redfield Plugins

This particular plug-in will turn a photo into a flame fractal with stunning results. I only downloaded the demo version, but it is $39.90 to purchase a license. And I might do just that.

Here is my test photo.:

Photo by doc at stock.xchng

And here is what I got with Fractalius.

Beautiful stuff! I know it’s got those stinky watermarks on it, but it’s still lovely. The bee sort of disappeared, but she’s there. I think this plug-in is worth the clams it costs.

Flaming Pear Software

Flaming Pear has tons of free and demo plug-ins at reasonable prices. Here are some of the ones I tested out.

Aether: Aether is not free, but is a apart of a purchasable pack. I will post prices at the end of this series.

Here is the original photo.:

Photo by pentond at stock.xchng

Here’s the same photo in Aether.:

Not bad! You can get some really wild results with Aether.

Kyoto Color and Mr. Contrast.: I figured I’d try out two filters in one, so I did. Kyoto Color is a free plug-in, but Mr. Contrast is not. With that said, here’s the original photo.:

Photo by pkmahanand at stock.xchng

Be careful with Mr. Contrast, it can bring out JPEG artifacts, otherwise, it gets the job done! And here is what I came up with.:

Not a huge difference, except the colors pop a little more and it gives off a nice, almost cross-processed effect.

Melancholytron and Demitone 50
.: Again, I used two plug-ins on the next photo. Melancholytron is not free, but Demitone 50 is. Shall we see the results? To start off, here is the original photo.:

Photo by xyzcindy at stock.xchng

And here is my result.:

I don’t like the defined arc in the upper right hand corner, but otherwise it looks quite interesting.

Time to talk numbers, now. What I used came out of Flaming Pear’s Photography Pack, which I believe includes every Flaming Pear Plug-in I used. It comes in at $74.00. That may seem a little pricey, but it’s a good value, considering some plug-ins cost as much as over $200.00. FP also prices plug-ins individually from $29.00 to $54.00.

I found another plug-in site called Mehdi Plugins that has a lot of free plug-ins that allow you to do more fun effects. I truthfully did not download them because I was looking for plug-ins that would be helpful in post-processing photos. Still, Mehdi apppears to offer some fun stuff.

In conclusion, take advantage of trial periods and see what you can get. If you want to shell out the money, go for it, or keeps searching for something that is free, but not as “beefy.” This was a fun test!

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