World Health Organization World Cancer Day

A Nice Day to Play by Jenn Dixon, 2009

February 4 is designated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as World Cancer Day, a day of awareness for all types of cancer and to honor those who have been affected by this disease. This year’s theme is “I love my happy and healthy childhood!” I tried to depict a nice day to play in this piece. I dedicate this piece of art to those in my life who have had this terrible disease.

My Father, James Gottlieb: died of lung cancer, 2005
My Grandmother, Miriam Gottlieb, died of lung cancer 1999.
Both were non-smokers.

My aunt: Ellen Snader: won her battle with breast cancer in the 90’s.
My supervisor: Dawn Fryer: won her battle with leukemia, 2004
My friend: Karen Merchlinski: died of lung and breast cancer, 2008.
My friend: Verletta Russo: currently fighting breast cancer

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