Friday Links 14: Web Comics You Should Be Reading

Sky of Ice by Jenn Dixon, 2006

I love web comics. I read them when I first get on the computer in the morning and I have a whole bunch in my bookmarks that I go through. I want point our four outstanding ones that you should be reading.

Sluggy Freelance: Written by Pete Abrams. Follows a bunch of friends around on their wild, freaky, and scary adventures. Where does the name come in? No one really knows, and Pete’s not telling. This coming is going into its twelfth year of publication. If you are new to Sluggy, you MUST read the entire series or it may not make sense at times.

Questionable Contest: Written by Jeph Jacques. Really doesn’t have said questionable content, but today’s strip sort of did (NSFW). Follows a bunch of hipster in a New England city.

Anders Loves Maria: Written by Rene Engstrom. Follows a lives of an off again/on again Swedish couple who are about to have their first baby. Sometimes NSFW. I suggest getting in on this one now because Rene is getting ready to wrap up her story.

Wondermark: Written by David Malki. Old time-y pictures updated funny punchlines. Absolutely original and brilliant. Jump right on in and enjoy. I’ve know I’ve talked about Wondermark before, but it is an original concept and is funny to boot.

About the Fractal:
Made in ChaosPro
This is one of my first really “artsy” fractal pieces.

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