Pinky by Jenn Dixon, 2006

This Apophysis fractal is a special one in gallery, and here’s why.

After posting it on deviantART in 2006, I noticed it was getting a lot of hits. A lot more than I usually get. Finally, another artist who commented on the above piece said that he saw a link to it on another site. I of course proceeded to ask him about said link and he gave it to me.

The fractal was linked on Cliff Pickover’s Reality Carnival, which is a site I’m not sure how to describe. There is a lot of bizarre stuff on it in an array of topics: metaphysics, religion, art, and even, yes, fractals. Not surprising that Pickover is interested in fractals since he is himself is responsible for some of the techiques and formulas I use. Thank you, Dr. Pickover!

If you want to see my link on Reality Carnival, click on link above and and scroll ( or use the Find function) to get to 09/03/06. You will there see a link that says “A 28-year-old woman named Jenn made this art. She says ‘It pinkens your teeth while you chew.’ Click to enlarge.” That’s me.

I also want to note that Stacey over at Intergalactic Art by Stacey Whaley also got a link to her blog on that site. Go to Reality Carnival and look for the date 04/07/07.

About Dr. Pickover: Clifford A. Pickover on Wikipedia

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