Save Our Historical Sites!

Cloister Buildings 6 by Jenn Dixon, 2008

It’s surprising how the economic crisis in this country may have an effect on our history and culture. Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has proposed cuts to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in the state’s upcoming budget.

Above is a picture that I took of the Ephrata Cloister, a PA historical site that would fall into disrepair and ruin if funding for it were cut from budget. No one would be there to maintain it.

A lot of these places do charge an admission fee to entry already.

Three of these sites that would be affected by the PHMC cuts in the budget are in my county: The Ephrata Cloisters, Landis Valley Museum, and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.

I have been to all three and all contribute to the color and history of the area. The Cloisters show how people came to America for religion’s sake and how it founded a town. Landis Valley is a living museum that shows a working colonial farm community. The PA Railroad Museum show off steam engines and artifacts from a time when iron horses ruled transportation. This is our heritage!

All three also host events and festivals that are a part of the community as well.

I urge the Governor and our lawmakers to keep museum and historical site preservation money in the budget. We cannot keep cutting out our history and heritage. We in this country have such a background of destroying that which is old. So many historical sites have been lost. So many buildings in disrepair. We need to take care of our history better so we can remember where we came from and so our children can learn.

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