Pass the Paramters, Please……

Some people are such cheerleaders for their chosen art form, and I want to extend my gratitude and admiration to Deb Walker, aka DWALKER1047, at deviantART. Her dedication is legendary and her outspokenness has benefited the community of fractal artists over at dA.

I want to focus on a little (read big) undertaking Deb has taken on during the pass few weeks. She has set up a Fractal Round Robin. Here’s how it works.: Artists submit to Deb which programs they would like to participate in. Next, she divides them up in teams. After that, Deb sends out a starting set of parameters for that particular program and the first person in a team tweaks them. Then the next person tweaks them. And so on. This goes on for about a weeks and its really cool to see how the fractal art develops!

This week’s Round Robin encourages artists to different fractal scripts and gradients appropriate to their particular program. I participated in the Fractal Explorer category, so I was limited in my choice of what to use. It wasn’t mandatory, but my team had great tweaks otherwise.

So, as a big THANK YOU to Deb, so the piece above and the piece above are ones that she herself submitted in the current Round Robin.

RR2-APO 3D Spring is Coming by Deb Walker, 2009

And because I’m eternally a dork, here is one of the Fractal Explorer images I submitted in the Round Robin.

RR2: Fractal Explorer 1a by Jenn Dixon, 2009
Apophysis texture by AnnFrost-stock

To find out more about the Fractal Round Robin and to see all the entries, pop on over to Deb’s dA page!

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