Been Doing Some Thinking……

I sort have come to an artistic crossroads, and I want to throw some things out for discussion. First, I have been dividing my time between fractals and photography. I have been feeling more and more of a push to go the photography route because there is a larger audience for it and I have a lot more local support.

I will not be abandoning fractals completely, but I will be changing my scope. Fractals will become more of an exploration for me. Using Ultra Fractal for so long had left a bad taste in my mouth because I left behind my first loves: programs like Fractal Explorer and Apophysis. When it comes to the single layer-end of fractals, I yearn to do deep zooms, and you can do that with programs like FE and Sterling2. Ultra Fractal sort of spazzes out when you do that. You can only go so far. Deep zooming is a part of what makes a fractal a fractal. It’s an endless image.

How many spirals can a person make? Granted, the fractal below is a spiral, but it’s wild. Getting a good piece out of FE is more satisfying right now. Besides, UF’s “wow” factor comes from its ability to layer. Well, it’s like Fractal Photoshop.

Now, I know people who do amazing things in UF, but it dominates the field. What few competitions there are are dominated by UF fractals. I want to explore.

There pretty much no market for fractal art. I do sell a print here and there, but otherwise, nope. I have gotten more exposure and recognition with my photography. People can understand a photo. They often scratch their heads at fractals.

So, long story short. Fractals will be taking a back seat to my photography. I will still be posting out on dA fractally-speaking, but my scope will be changing, I just won’t be making it as serious an endeavor as it was. I have been thinking about this a long time.

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