Don’t Stare Too Long….., Jenn Dixon, 2009

As part of getting to my fractal “roots”, I have decided to give out the grand-daddy of fractal programs out, FRACTINT. Now FRACTINT is a DOS-based program, so I have been attempting to use its Windows’ counterpart, WINFRACT.

These are not the easiest programs to learn, as I have noticed through my poor results and by some of the fantastic art made in FRACTINT that I have seen. I have actually tried both programs. I’m going to stick with WINFRACT because of its interface. FRACTINT is pure DOS. You run the executable, and bam!, you’re in DOS Land. Be warned, if you don’t pick the right screen type, you might BSOD. I did. A simple reboot will correct the problem. WINFRACT is just about the same.

These two programs really get down to the nuts and bolts of fractal geometry and art. I have learned more about fractal manipulation in about two hours of using WINFRACT than I have in about two years of using Ultra Fractal. You just have to try it and see. It really is cool.

It’s neat to see a program like FRACTINT exist for so long. It’s on its 20th version and is still maintained today.

Want to go a little deep into your fractal roots? Want to see why other fractal programs do what they do? Check out these guys. Links below….

WINFRACT Look for the link that says “MS windows Winfract 18.21 version”
“O” Gallery: Beautiful wonderful FRACTINT images
FRACTINT on Wikipedia

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