A Little Miffed, but I’m Over It.

This morning I went to check my deviantART messages and found a note by a fellow deviant that he had seen one of my fractal had been posted on another web site without my permission. I went to investigate, and sure enough, I found one of my fractals right there, which would be the one above.

I thanked the person alerting me, because I do like to give my permission before another person posts one of fractals or photos. (Just because it’s on the Internet, doesn’t mean it’s not copyrighted.) I did notice that the writer of the blogpost that used the fractal did link it back to dA and gave me under my username, Jennabee25, credit. I did leave a message stating that I would like to be contacted next time, but he can keep it up for now.

So, that’s how I started off miffed, but I’m ok now since I made my feelings known and have given my permission for the use of the fractal in his post. Since it’s linked back, I’ve been getting some traffic to my dA site, I will relent.

I do have to give this blogger credit for his taste in fractals. Check out the site here. I do caution the writer…..please PLEASE get permission first. I know a lot of those fractal artists on dA and they probably won’t be as forgiving as I am.

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