Bartosz Kali, Wedding Photographer

I know I’m an American with a nasally voice, but I came across this wedding photographer in Nottingham, UK that is absolutely outstanding. Not only does he do wonderful work, his rates are good (and comparable to what you would pay in the United States), and is also environmentally friendly.

Looking through his portfolio, I was blown away. Soft portraits, creative poses, even some sensuality is expressed in his photos. The ones I especially loved were his photos of children at the weddings, such as the little girls playing on the dance floor and the little girl in her furry bear hood. His contrast in locations is gorgeous too. From beautiful gardens to even parking garages, Kali’s subjects are right there and the results are lovely.

His rates are also great. As an example, Kali’s Special Offer package includes eight hours of photography, post-processing, a photo CD, and and interactive DVD. This package goes for 640 GBP, which is roughly $1,050.00, and, as those of who have ever planned a wedding know, that is a really great deal and competitively priced. Oh, as a note, all of his packages come with a “28 Days or Free Guarantee,” meaning if you don’t get your packages withing that time frame, you package is free. I know couples who have waited for months to get their photos back from the photographer, so it’s nice to hear that there are guarantees like this out there.

Kali also styles himself as a green wedding photographer by using his business to help the environment. On behalf of the couples he photographers, he makes a donation to to the World Land Trust in their name, a group dedicated to saving our planet’s rain forests. Many photographers usually do give a gift to the new couple, but it’s usually a framed photo or something like that. I like Kali’s idea of a donation in a couple’s name and giving them the certificate in their name.

Kali’s web site is also a great place to do research to Nottingham weddings or the surrounding area. He lists related wedding-related businesses in a directory. I can imagine there have been a few of his customers that have been glad to have found that page because it can help save some stress of getting the hard work of wedding planning done.

Also, check out his wedding advice page. Great stuff!

So, if you live in the Nottingham/East Midlands area in the UK, check out Bartosz Kali as your wedding photographer. He is the full package when it comes to weddings and you won’t regret it.

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