Hobo Bag
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Last October, I took up knitting, and it’s been awesome! I knit just about any second I can, in between the art and photography stuff, that is. Which is a lot, I suppose. I knit when I’m watching TV, in the car, on breaks at work, etc. I love it! I’m hooked…wait, that’s crochet…

I’ve also been writing a lot about knitting on Squidoo. Here’s what I’ve published:

  • Adventures in Beginner Knitting: This is a lens that is sort of a journalish-type writing that following my adventure in learning to knit, and I hope to help and encourage other knitters, too.
  • Nerdy Knitting: There needs to be a concise repository for nerdy knitting patterns, and I made one! I keep building it and adding new patterns as I come across them on the Web.
  • Chemo Caps: This is my most popular lens. I have been knitting hats for cancer patients and donating those hats to a local cancer center. I taken special requests for hats, too. I am trying to encourage others to do so, as well.

You can also find me over on Ravelry, too.

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