Using Extension Tubes

Extension Tube Test 2
Originally uploaded by jennabee25

I recently got a set of extension tubes for macro photography. A macro lens is a bit out of my price range, so I decided to go a more economical route.

Extension have a steep learning curve. Besides having to use manual focus with the the ones that I got, I had to find a way to prop my self up so I was steady, considering image stabilization didn’t work properly in my lens with the extension tubes.

Still, I managed and got some interesting photos out. This one of a little curl of a plant I have seemed to look nice in black and white, so here it is!

3 thoughts on “Using Extension Tubes

  1. Back in the day when I was into photography I had an Nikon N6006. I, too, used extension tubes for the same reason you do – economy!

    I will someday get back into photogrphy if anything to get me out of the house. My Nikon became obselete years ago when digital cameras became popular. Film photography is just too expensive.


  2. P.S. I noticed the link on your blog to BigStock. If I sign up will you get a referral bonus? I'll sign up under you if so! I've been looking for more stock sites to join. Have you made anything through them?

    Have you ever heard of ShutterStock? I've been making a little bit of money through them. If you haven't already joined let me know and I'll give you my referral link. That is, if you're interested!


  3. Stacey! Good to see you here! Yeah, photography is not a cheap thing to do, especially with film. I have film cameras, too, and it's nuts what it costs to get film developed nowadays.

    If you want….click on the link to BigStock and that is a direct referral link for me. I've tried getting into Shutterstock, and they keep rejecting me. 😦


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