Cyc Wall and Models at Studio 322

I am keeping up with my photographic resolution so far!  I went to a Meetup at Studio 322 in Ephrata, PA, where they have a seamless cyc wall and a small stage with concert lighting.  Complete with facilities for makeup and wardrobe, this is a cool place to do model work.

I love photographing models.  I don’t get to do it often, so that was a big draw for me to come out to the meetup.  One of the organizers parked his Audi amidst the cyc wall and we had a good time photography that.  I spent most of my time shooting the models, though. 

I broke out a piece of equipment that I thought might be fun for this shoot: my f1.8 50mm prime lens.  It’s the cheapie Canon plastic one, but it’s what I can afford, and it takes great photos for what it is.  I got good results with it. 

I learned a few things.  1.  I live near a really cool studio place.  2.  White balance is everything with lighting.  3.  The possibilities are endless.

So, I’m keeping up with things and getting back in the photographic groove, so to speak. 

See more of my shots from the shoot.  FYI, some of them are on the racier side.

Also, see more of my work with models.

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