Pinup Photography Book Review

I have a secret that I’m about to tell you.  I love pinup photography.
Those of you who know me personally may be surprised by this.  Then again, perhaps you are not.
I got this book because I wanted to see what techniques are used in basic pinup photography, such as poses and lighting.  Shoot Sexy: Digital Pinup and Boudoir Photography, published by the awesome folks at Focal Press, do a great job with a high quality book.  The second part of the book focuses on boudoir photography, something else that I find interesting, too.
The pictures in the book are nice and bright.  There are lighting diagrams and suggestions.  I love the back section pertaining to workflow, too.  I’m always wondering how I should edit any sort of model photography.

I love the section on poses.  I got a lot of inspiration from that.  I also like the instructions on props, and locations.

Any woman, regardless of size or shape, can be a pinup model.  And that is stressed in this book.  As photographers, we should be open to enhance the qualities of the model we photograph.  It’s a great philosophy.

Oh, and boudoir part?  Equally as awesome, but I mostly got this book for the pinup part.  The two can be pretty interchangeable, actually.

This is a great book for inspiration and tips.  

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