Scheduling Your Creativity for the New Year
I had a conversation with my Aunt Suzy during one of our Christmas family gatherings.  She is a well-know local artist and is always interested in what I’m doing with my photography.
I told her that I have been doing a lot of photography jobs, but haven’t been doing a lot on the creative end for myself.  She said that happens to a lot of people with creative pursuits.  The key, Aunt Suzy said, is to make time.
When she said make time, like, literally schedule time to do your creative work.  She told me that she tells people not to call her before noon because she paints in the morning.  That is her time to do her to explore her creativity for herself.
What a novel idea!
We are always scheduling appointments for the doctor, the hairdresser, the mechanic, etc, but what about ourselves JUST for ourselves.  Why not make time to be creative?
So, that’s what I’m going to do.  Saturday mornings between 10am-11am is going to Jenn’s Photography Time.  No assignments or jobs, just me, my camera, and whatever I want to photograph. I can’t wait to get started this week.

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