My First Crack at Astrophotography

I got the chance to try my hand at astrophotography on Sunday night.  For a first try, I think I did pretty well!

I shot in manual mode, turned autofocus off, and dialed my exposure time to 30 seconds.  Here’s where I got my settings from.    Let’s get to the pictures!

I’m not sure if I had some camera shake (I was using a tripod and remote trigger) or if I actually have some light trails.  The “dotted line” is a passing plane.  I love how you can see the Milky Way in this photo.

For this one I put the camera on the ground, pointing straight up at the sky.  Again, I used use a remote trigger for the shutter.

Have you ever tried astrophotography?  It’s actually easier than you think if you have a good, clear sky and a camera that can be set with manual settings.  I was happy with my results!

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