Second Annual Reading Fire + Ice Fest

I was at the First Annual Reading Fire + Ice Fest last year. It was frickin’ cold, and there was neat things to see and good entertainment.  I told myself that I was going to dress warmer and bring my camera for the next year.

I did both.

I got some excellent shots of both the fire, such as Philadelphia-based fire flow artist Madeleine Belle, featured above, and ice, such as the carver below.



I had a really great time!  I was there with Joan, and you can see her video of one of Madeleine Belle’s performances here.

If you would like, I actually posted these photos over on Flickr, rather than Zenfolio.  I will post them on Zenfolio soon, but I want to go through my GoPro shots and footage first.  Stay tuned for that!

2016 Reading Fire + Ice Fest

(Click on the photo to be taken to more content!)

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