Things That Are Green

After wondering about what to post today, I felt a certain longing.  I want spring.  It can’t get here soon enough.

Rather than post photos of flowers that bloom in the spring, which I may do that anyway, I decided to post green things.  I long for green grass and green on the trees.

Granted, some of these things aren’t even associated with spring, but they are green, such as the emerald toucanet above there from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Let’s get on to some other green things.


Clover is certainly green.  These were in a pot on my back porch, and I thought the dew drops were lovely.

Margarita Glass 8

I was working with green lighting here with a margarita glass with a green stem.


I love curly ferns before they unfurl!  These are from a wildflower preserve near my home.

Well, that’s all the green I have for now.  I hope you enjoyed this taste of spring.

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