Eberbach, Germany

It was 1994, and I was going into my junior year of high school, and my German class was a part of an exchange for two weeks with my Eberbach an der Neckar, our German sister city.  It took my cheap little film camera, and got some pictures.

Above, is the bakery of the Beisel family, whose ancestor, Conrad Beisel, was the founder of Ephrata, PA, my hometown.  The Beisel family, when my class visited their bakery, was very welcoming and happy to keep up the tradition of creating wonderful German baked goods, especially pretzels.

Below, are a few more photos of that trip, including a tower, right below, and the bottom photo show the flood stages and years of floods that town went through of the Neckar River, which winds through the countryside of the German state Baden-Wuertenburg.

eberbach buildingneckar flood stages

I know these photos aren’t the greatest, but they are treasures to me of my first trip abroad.  Below are a few more.  Auf Wiedersehen!


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