Centralia, PA

Centralia, PA is a modern ghost town.  It is an eerie place, complete with driveways with with no houses at the end of them.

Centralia fell victim to a horrible accident when a coal mine underneath the town was lit on fire in the 1960’s.  It caused the town to be evacuated by the federal government and a highway to be diverted due to the fact that the underground fire was MELTING the asphalt underneath.

You can still go there, and my husband and in-laws did that a few years ago.  You can visit the town, what’s left of it.  It’s a haven of graffiti and vandalism.  To be honest, it made for some pretty interesting photos.

Some of the photos here are of the town, others are from the blocked off part of PA 61, which was the high way that was melting.  You can see some of the damage in the pictures.




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