Tangle Art

On Thursday, April 14, 2016 I took a Tangle Art class taught by Kristen “Tink” McQuillin at The Squeeze Spot in Ephrata, PA.  It was a great class, and I’ve sort of taken off running with it.

Tink is my friend Jenny’s sister, and she was visit Jenny and other family while she is in the states from her residence in Japan.  She taught line techniques, patterns, layers, and even how to color our tangles.  That was the first part of the class.  For the second, we did a meditation, focusing on ourselves.  Here’s what I did during that.  I only finished it halfway there, and completed it at home.

tangle art mediation

At first, I wasn’t too keen on it.  I thought my tangle was dull and didn’t quite work.  Still, I thought out about it, and soon found myself on Friday at work creating the piece at the top of the post.

I then worked on another.  And another.


I think I’m hooked.

I’ve been posting them on my deviantART account, where they haven’t received much notice.  That’s ok.  I most posted them there in case I want to buy prints of the tangles there, but I wouldn’t mind if you popped over there to take a closer look, too.

These drawings also bring me back to my childhood.  I remember as a second grader, I would spend endless hours working on similar drawings.  My dad, who worked in a print shop, would bring home fun paper, in both colors and size, and I’d fill them up with shapes and crayon colors.  My crowing moment was when I presented on of these masterpieces to my teacher at the time, Mrs. Shoemaker.  She then got some magnets and displayed my artwork on the side of her metal desk.  I was quite proud of myself.

I think that’s part of the fascination I have with them right now, along with the adult coloring book craze that is happening right now, which I’m also into, by the way.  Still, I derive more satisfaction from tangle art than the books.  Why?  The drawing are my own original artwork!

To be clear, I cannot draw realistically to save my life, BUT, and I can do lines, arcs, circles, squiggles, and dots, the basic shapes that make up tangle art.  I can look at layers.  I can color with some basic shading, too.  It’s perfect for me!

So, that’s how I go into this tangle art thing.  I love it.  I think you will, too.



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