Depth of Field

Butterfly with a shallow depth of field.

I love shallow depths of field in my photography, and I’m going to share my favorite examples that I’ve taken using depth of field.

First, you may be asking, what is depth of field?  Depth of field is a photography term meaning is the distance where the nearest and farthest object in a photo are clear.  A large or shallow depth of field depends of where in your photo your camera is locked on to.  Wikipedia can explain this better than I can, really.

For example:

red rock 11

This photo from Red Rock Canyon has a large depth of field the objects in the photo are clear.  Large depths of field are great for landscape photography.

But, what if you want to focus on something close?  Use a shallow depth of field, like this photo.


I just wanted to focus on the flower, so I locked my lens on the flower using the focus mechanism in my camera.

Does this explain depth of field a little better? Make sense?  It’s great technique that can add a lot of interest in your photos.  Experiment with both types.  It’s also a good exercise in betting to know your camera and lenses by practicing focusing them how you want your photo to be composed.

Happy photographing!

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