Prink rose outside the Post Office Annex on Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA, USA

4 Views From My Walks

I frequently go out for walks on my breaks during work.  I have set route, and I want to show you four of the views of things I get from my walks.

View #1:  Post Office Rose (Photo above)

The first is a rose from one of the bushes outside the Lancaster Post Office Annex on Chestnut Street.  They are quite pretty, and this rose seemed to be in particularly good shape.

View #2:  Lancaster Central Market Construction

Construction around Lancaster Central Market.

There’s a joke in Pennsylvania…there’s only two season in PA:  winter and construction.  Lancaster City is jam packed with construction, including some around the crown jewel of its tourist industry:  Lancaster Central Market.  There are other ways to get to Market, but I hope they are done soon!

View #3:  Sidewalk Chalk Advertising


This was for a concert about a month ago (which it mystifies me how it stayed so nice due to all the rain we’ve been having) at a really cool Irish bar/concert venue called Tellus360.  It’s on King Street.  Check it out!

View #4:  Binn’s Park Flowers

Little flower in Binn's Park, Lancaster, PA

Binn’s Park isn’t very far from where I work, so I go past it a lot.  There’s always something blooming there in warm weather, including these little daisies.  Quite pleasant!

Those are just a few of things that I see on my walks.  They may seem ordinary and mundane, but there’s beauty in those things, too.  What do you see on your walks?

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