Minature American flag in a yard where they really need to rake.

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!  As you enjoy your picnics and gatherings, take a moment to remember the sacrifices of those who have  fallen in the service of our country in the Armed Forces.  I thank ALL of those people, those living and those who have passed, for their service!

I thought it would be nice to add some photos of American flag that I’ve taken, but, strangely, I’ve only taken two!  At least, that’s only two that I like and kept.  The first above was taken in the winter, actually, and was a  miniature flag in a yard that really needed to rake.  I though the flag was a nice contrast, color wise, against the leaves.

American flag on a classic car.

This photo was taken at a classic car show on a really hot August summer day.  The car is American made (duh), and was the pride and joy of its owner.  I forget the make a model of it.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

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