"Gangrene" Fractal by Jenn Dixon

The Art Wayback Machine

I have been going through some old files, and looking at what I was doing ten years ago, like when I made that fractal above, entitled “Gangrene,” so I decided to hop on The Art Wayback Machine and see what I came up with many moons ago.

Old digital art made in THE GIMP.

This particular piece was created in The GIMP, I believe.  I was just messing around with textures and shapes, and this is what I came up with.  Looking back, it’s sort of cool.

Fractal by Jenn Dixon

This fractal piece came about, I think in Fractal Explorer, and was the posted on deviantART, which I have been a member of for ten years, as well.  I mostly use dA as a place to submit photography now.  I’ve stopped making fractals a while ago.

But still, here’s another one that I found and I think is pretty neat.

Fractal by Jenn Dixon.

Again, I forget the program I used, but this one has a fun, happy, Latin feel to it, don’t you think?

"Molten" fractal by Jenn Dixon

Lastly, I think I called this one “Molten,” as it has a wavy  heat texture, like it heat waves coming off pavement.

I have all these pieces backed up on CD’s somewhere.  I should find them and see what treasures are hiding in there.

Thanks for riding The Art Wayback Machine with me.  It’s nice to the progression of my creative work over the 10+ years I’ve been creating, well, some sort of images.

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