Lavender Clematis Photo by Jenn Dixon.

Color Feature: Purple

You’d ask me a child what my favorite color was as a child, I would tell you without skipping a beat that it was purple.  While other little girls were obsessed with pink, I was in love with purple.

Over the years, my favorites have changed, but mostly I adore jewel tones and black.  Luckily, some shades of purple are jewel tones.  I am still infatuated with purple today.

I belong to a photography group on Facebook that has photographers post a photos based on a theme (or not, if you are so inclined), and today’s is purple.  No problem for me to share those photos!

I thought I’d share some purple-licious photos with you on the blog today, such as the clematis variation from Longwood Gardens above.  Granted, there are a lot purple flowers in my collection, but I tried to find other purple objects to share with you as well.  Let’s get started!

Happy old dog in a purple collar. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

I took this photo of this dog at an pet gathering in a local park.  What a sweet old girl in her purple fringe and leash!

Purple Yarn. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

Besides and avid photographer, I am an avid knitter!  Here’s a photo of purple yarn that I took just for fun.

A bright purple kilt at the Ren Faire. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

This girl was sporting a purple kilt the PA Renaissance Faire.

My cousin Hayley in a purple dress at her brother's wedding. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

This is my cousin Hayley a few years ago at her brother’s wedding, donning a beautiful purple dress. (She’d probably kill me if she knew I was posting this!)

Champagne glass with a purple gel filter and back lighting. Photo by Jenn Dixon.

This was taken during an photo experiment I did with back lighting and gel filters over the lights.  I got good silhouette results with that shoot.

I hope you enjoyed my purple-y post today!  It’s fun to feature photos on a common color, and it was fun for me to go through my catalog and see what I have on that theme.  Thanks for reading!

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