Dutchland Blitz V. the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixesn

Dutchland Derby Rollers. Go, Blitz!

I know, long time, no update, but I do have some great stuff to share with you guys today.  On Saturday, I attended the roller derby bout fought out between the local Dutchland Blitz of the Dutchland Derby Rollers, against the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens.  I am happy to say the Blitz handily won the bout.  I was there with my photography Meetup group, and we all got some excellent shots of the event.

Hester, the Dutchland Derby Rollers Mascot!

Like this one, I want to share a few of the photos I got during the evening.  This is Hester, the mascot of the Dutchland Derby Rollers, and she is wearing a birthday cake because this is the tenth season of roller derby in Lancaster, PA, USA!  Congrats, guys!

Rainbow Derby Unicorn

This volunteer was showing her Dutchland pride by donning a shirt and an eye catching unicorn horn.  People come all dressed up in all sorts of ways for roller derby bouts. I love see the creativity and variety.  I also love the name the derby girls and refs come up with for themselves.

The Blitz pivot scores!

I used my Nifty Fifty 50mm f/1.8 lens for the entire bout.  I love that lens.  This isn’t the greatest photo of my edits, but I still like the action in it.

Keep an eye out for the rest of the photos which should be popping up on my portfolio website soon.  Speaking of portfolios, I finally have posted the rest of my Outer Banks photos there.  Go check them out!


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