Being Bad

I apologize for not keeping up with stuff here.  Bad Jenn.  The weather has been horrible, and I can only photograph stuff in my house so many times.  I need to hop back on the photography wagon.  My DSLR is being neglected, as well as my photography skills.  I need to fix that.
Anyway, here’s a black and white I took of one of my husband’s weights.  It’s got a cool texture to it.  Enjoy!!
Jenn Dixon Photography: Winter 2013-14, And Christmas 2013 &emdash; Jan. 04-4

Using Extension Tubes

Extension Tube Test 2
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I recently got a set of extension tubes for macro photography. A macro lens is a bit out of my price range, so I decided to go a more economical route.

Extension have a steep learning curve. Besides having to use manual focus with the the ones that I got, I had to find a way to prop my self up so I was steady, considering image stabilization didn’t work properly in my lens with the extension tubes.

Still, I managed and got some interesting photos out. This one of a little curl of a plant I have seemed to look nice in black and white, so here it is!


Dreieck by Jenn Dixon, 2005

That’s German for “triangle,” for all you non-German speakers! I just posted this one today because my husband likes it and I do, too. Made in Vchira a long time ago.


Terrier by Jenn Dixon, 2007

Felt like something off-beat and funky today. Here is and example of some street photography that I’ve done. I think I took this photo from my hip and just hit the shutter button. This is the result….a fun dog, wacky horizon, and cool shadows.

My back is still really bugging me so that’s why my posts here have been brief of late. Hey, at least I can still post!

Tundra Swans

Tundra Swans 2 by Jenn Dixon, 2009

There are actually three swans here. The one is swimming parallel to the other. You can see part of his head and tail feathers.

I took this at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area which is a great refuge for migrating birds. Canada geese, snow geese, and tundra swans, all find a nice place to rest before they head back north for the spring.

In the summer, there are all kinds of ducks, cormorants, herons, purple martens, and red-wing blackbirds. All year round…you may get lucky and see a bald eagle.

Model: Nicole

Nicole 1 by Jenn Dixon, 2009

Yes, another one from this past Saturday’s model/lighting/portrait/studio shoot. I’m really proud of my work that day and I want to show it off.

To get the effect here, I turned the RAW into Monochrome and shot the contrast WAAAAY up.

Kelly 3

Kelly 3 by Jenn Dixon, 2009

Saturday was the first time that I really had a chance to work with models. I belong to the Lancaster County Photography Group and we had a session on portrait and studio photography this past Saturday.

I learned so much at this meet up. I want to thank our wonderful models, like Kelly here, for their patience and hard work. This shoot also made me want to go out and buy a ton of studio lights and equipment. A girl can dream…….

If you a looking for a bunch of like-minded individuals who are interested in the same stuff you are, I recommend giving a good look. There is something for everyone in just about every area of the country.

Sunrise in Black and White

Sunrise in Black and White
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Last October was the first time I was able to really start using my DSLR camera. I was on our family vacation in the Outer Banks. The sunrises on the Atlantic when it’s clear are just amazing! I got plenty in color, but I had read online to try some in black and white. So I did, and this is the result.

Photo Details
Exposure: 0.003 sec (1/320)
Aperture: f/5.6
Focal Length: 55 mm

Storm Coming

Storm Coming 2
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I think storms look very dramatic in black and white. I also love trees. What I admire about them is the structure and shapes the branches take. Trees capture my eye as a photographer.

Photo Details
Exposure: 0.077 sec (1/13)
Aperture: f/9
Focal Length: 22 mm