Photography Show and Some Other Stuff

Remember that photography show I was supposed to have in February and got canceled due to snow? Well, the rescheduled date is tonight! Ack! I am a bundle of nerves.

Few things I would like to update everyone on, is that I have had an Etsy store for a few months now and recently overhauled it for a way to sell my photography. Click the big red button and check it out!

Also, if you want to check out my main web site, please go to I’m always updating, please sign the guestbook!


Sunset by Jenn Dixon, 2009

I took this photo over my vacation (“staycation”) right outside my house. Too pretty of a sunset NOT to photograph! I actually took quite a few photos and did some funky camera stuff. Watch out more pics during the week!

Playful Rio

Rio 3 by Jenn Dixon, 2009

I love this dog. She is Rio, my friend’s sister’s Rottweiler. She is lovely, loving, friendly, and well-trained. And she was a great model.

I went to Rio’s people’s house to take her photo because my friend said that I should really photograph Rio for my dog photo book since Rio is an expressive and happy dog. She sure was!

I actually got a lot of great Rio photos. It was a fun photo shoot.


Llama by Jenn Dixon, 2009

Please don’t spit.

This dude was actually a patient model at the Reading Pet Expo. I’m glad I had a zoom lens and was able to stand a distance away. I got my shots in and them moved along. I didn’t want to press my luck, if you know what I mean.

…..And Another One!!

Australian Cattle Dog Puppy by Jenn Dixon, 2009

It feels good to be sort of on a roll. Another request for a non-paying, non-self-published photo!

NowPublic is a user-generated news site that picked up on this photo for an article about National Puppy Day, which is March 23, by the way, being yesterday. I’m glad I posted my Reading Pet Expo photos right away so the writer could pick up on my pictures.

Click here to see the article.
Click here to see picture at NowPublic.

Pygmy Kids

Pygmy Kids by Jenn Dixon, 2008

I felt the need to add something cute on here today, and these adorable pygmy goat kids are what I chose. Aren’t they cuties? They are probably well-grown and chewing on garbage by now.

With Sam’s help, I got my Strobist kit set up and played with it. I doubt I’ll be able to get the test shots up today, but I will hopefully this week.


Porch by Jenn Dixon, 2008

I took this on an unusually warm day last January. I just put the camera on the Manual setting and went around my area taking photos.I really should do that again.

I did not get to use my Strobist set up yesterday because I was too dang tired. Seriously. I was in bed by 9PM, which is very unusual for me. I will be giving the setup a try this weekend.

Rustic Colors

Rustic Colors by Jenn Dixon, 2007

I took this with a digital point-and-shoot, to be honest. I only realized how nice the color is and that I managed to get some nice background bokeh there. It’s also got good lighting in my opinion, so it gets a features today.