Outer Banks 2015: Two Snapshots

I just returned from my yearly trip to the Outer Banks, NC.  I haven’t gone through all of my photos yet, but here are two quick snapshots I would like to share.

One is a shell with tiny barnacles on the inside, and the other is small sand crab with a ladybug in his pincers.  Just some small details that I noticed on my walk along the shore.


Apologetic Slacker Post

I am so sorry that I haven’t really been posting in this blog, but winter is usually a really slow time in a photographic sense for me.  I love photographing things outdoors, and the weather this winter and so far this spring hasn’t been very cooperative.

In some news, the past show at Coe Cameras went well!  Here’s a quick snapshot from the show.  You can see my print there in the background, all happy in its frame. 

I did get nice photos from my grandfather’s 80th birthday, so I will have some shots to show you soon as I get them processed. 

Point and Shoot Fun: Crystal Cave Park

On Saturday, Joan, Deb B., Deb’s B.’s son Seamus, and I went to Crystal Cave Park in Kutztown, PA.  I had never been in a cave before, and this was really cool!  I didn’t want to risk taking my DSLR into a cave, so I took my point-and-shoot, and took some photos, flash off, of course.  Here are some of the photos I got.

It’s really nice tour, if you are in the area.  I recommend checking it out.  They don’t care if you take all the photos you want of the cave and its formations.  They don’t even care if you use flash, since, as our tour guide said, they’re just rocks.

I wouldn’t recommend taking a tripod or monopod inside because there are some tight squeezes, stairs, and it can be slippery.  Keep your flash off, try to minimize shake is the only advice I can give, otherwise.

Back From Vacation!

I recently was on vacation in the Outer Banks in North Carolina, USA.  I have been there before, and have taken lots of photos.  I didn’t do so much this time, but I did get some great shots of my adventures.  Here’s my absolute favorite on the week.

I think all of the photos I got that week were special.  I would like to think I got some more unusual shots rather than the standard ones that I always seem to come away with.

Dodging and Burning

After recently attending a meetup where dodging and burning were explained, as well as ways to do it during post processing, I finally decided to give it a shot.  How did I do?

Without getting to technical, I “burned” the rust, by making it darker and bring out the details.  I “dodged” the bricks to make them brighter and to bring out the detail of the rust even more.  Wikipedia can explain this stuff better than I can, truthfully.

Dodging and burning refers to the the ways back in the days of film when photographers would manually do this to their exposures.  Now, we have programs that do this for us, through layers and paints brushes, and actions.

 How I did this, was have a 50 percent opacity gray layer where I used a white brush for burning and a black brush for dodging ( I think I have that right.  Correct me if I’m wrong, please.), and I colored each over the areas I wanted the proper effect from.  Not to hard!  Ah, I should mention that I am using Photoshop Elements 12.

I should really post the original here for comparison.  I do like this photo.

Edit:  Here is the original for comparison.  I can see the difference!

My Lonely deviantART Page

My deviantART page is lonely and needs some TLC.  Take a look! 

I know, it’s mostly stuff that I’ve posted before, but there some interesting things there, too, such as old fractals and such.  There are a lot of memories on that page for me.

deviantART is where I first cut my artistic teeth.  It will always have a special place in my heart, and will probably always keep a page open there.

By the way, the freaky photo here is my avatar on dA.  I took it with my phone using and app called Slow Shutter.  Neat, huh?

LED Hoop Light Painting

I had a good time the other weekend playing with light painting with my LED hoop.

Kinda cool, huh?  I have more over on my website if you are interested in taking a look.

I was so happy with my results, I decided to write a quick tutorial over on Hubpages on how to do light painting with any LED lighted object.

Here’s the equipment that I used.

You could just just dial down your shutter speed to 30 seconds, though, too.  I also recommend using your delay timer setting on your camera with a remote trigger.

I would love to see your LED lighted photography.  Link me some pretty photos here!