Sam walking Sputnik.

Dog on a Walk

Even after moving back in July, I’m still going through boxes.  I had unpacked my Holga 120  CFN.  This past Saturday I serenidipitously found a roll of 120 film in one of our boxes.  I loaded it into my Holga as Sam was getting Sputnik ready for a walk.  The Holga came along.

The top photo there is Sam walking Sputnik, who is happily sniffing along the rail trail near out home.  We like walking that trail, dog included!

Here are a few more from the roll.

Sputnik in front of a mural.

Double dog exposure!!Heeling before crossing the street.

I have a few more in my album over on Flickr.  Why not head over there and take a look at them?


Playing with Film: The Results

I’m really pleased with my results that I got out of the three rolls of film that I told you guys about in an earlier postPerfect Image Camera in Downtown Lancaster did an excellent job with turnaround time, developing, and listening to my directions.  Thanks, guys!

First, here are my favorite results with the cross-processed 35mm slide film.


crossprocessed 1_3


crossprocessed 5_0001





Next, my fun Disposable Camera Kit from Photojojo yielded some fun results, too.  I used the fisheye lens that came with it, and attempted to use the slide filter, but that didn’t come out as well as I had hoped.  Still, see below for some of the good ones!


kit 1-1


kit 3_0002



kit 2-3


kit 2-1


Lastly, my ancient Holgal 120 film roll gave me some interesting shots, including some that I actually forget what they were of!


120 1_0001



120 2_0001


120 2_0002


Want to see all of the photos?  Click here to take a look.