One of the roses on my rosebush!

My Own Roses!

Sunday was hot.  Super hot.  Still, I went outside in the morning when it wasn’t took terrible, heat-wise, outside, and took some photos of my own roses on my own rosebush at the house my husband and I just bought and moved into.  Now I have to learn to prune, but that’s ok!  I have a rosebush!

Here are some photos of said flowers on said rosebush.  I’m quite happy with them, and I even used split toning in Lightroom, which was the subject was on my last post, and I managed to use it with a light hand, as was the advice someone gave me who commented on the post.  They are correct.  A light hand with split toning yielded some beautiful results, such as with the photo above.

Here are a few more of the photo I took.  Please, enjoy them!  To see the rest, pop on over to my Flickr album of them.

Sunny rose

A tad blurry, but one of the roses on my rosebush.

The roses, the yard, and my house!

View of the Kissel Hill Flower Field

Kissel Hill Flower Field

At the intersection of Kissel Hill Road and Oregon Road in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, is a beautiful field of wildflowers on a farm, which is right by the Lancaster Airport.  The owners of the farm kindly let people wander around the field, as long as you don’t pick the flowers.  People have been telling me to get out there and take some photos, so I did.

I got some great shots!  Beautiful shots!  It was lovely to stroll around this place on Sunday afternoon.

The above shot, of course, is from that field.  Here are a few more shots I would like to share with you.

Yellow daisy amongst other smaller white daisies.


Red and yellow wildflowers


Now, want to see the rest of them?  You’ll have to hop on over to my portfolio for that! And it’s worth it.


Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflowers in Binn’s Park

I’m glad I had my iPhone with me the other, because the purple coneflowers are blooming in Binn’s Park, Lancaster, PA, USA, and they are gorgeous.

I always think of purple coneflowers as harbingers of summer.  Once they bloom, I know it’s getting hot outside.  Know the herbal supplement echinacea?  Well, you’re looking at where it comes from.

Here’s another one of the blooms I saw in the park.

Purple Coneflower in Binn's Park, Lancaster, PA, USA

I like the lighting in this one, actually.  What do you think?

I just wanted to do a quick Friday post to share these photos.  Have a great weekend!

Prink rose outside the Post Office Annex on Chestnut Street, Lancaster, PA, USA

4 Views From My Walks

I frequently go out for walks on my breaks during work.  I have set route, and I want to show you four of the views of things I get from my walks.

View #1:  Post Office Rose (Photo above)

The first is a rose from one of the bushes outside the Lancaster Post Office Annex on Chestnut Street.  They are quite pretty, and this rose seemed to be in particularly good shape.

View #2:  Lancaster Central Market Construction

Construction around Lancaster Central Market.

There’s a joke in Pennsylvania…there’s only two season in PA:  winter and construction.  Lancaster City is jam packed with construction, including some around the crown jewel of its tourist industry:  Lancaster Central Market.  There are other ways to get to Market, but I hope they are done soon!

View #3:  Sidewalk Chalk Advertising


This was for a concert about a month ago (which it mystifies me how it stayed so nice due to all the rain we’ve been having) at a really cool Irish bar/concert venue called Tellus360.  It’s on King Street.  Check it out!

View #4:  Binn’s Park Flowers

Little flower in Binn's Park, Lancaster, PA

Binn’s Park isn’t very far from where I work, so I go past it a lot.  There’s always something blooming there in warm weather, including these little daisies.  Quite pleasant!

Those are just a few of things that I see on my walks.  They may seem ordinary and mundane, but there’s beauty in those things, too.  What do you see on your walks?

Hanging Out at 500px

How many of you photographers out there hang out over on 500px‘s site?  I do, on occasion, but I only post what I deem my best work over there, or at least what I deem my best work at the time.

I took this above photo of water lilies at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA a while ago (you can see the rest of the gallery here).  I recently was going through my files, came across it, and thought, why I haven’t promoted this photo around more?  So, I decided to upload it on 500px.

I also decided that this clematis, also from Longwood Gardens, was worthy of 500px-ness, too.

Longwood Gardens 41

If you are interest in checking this site out and posting your own photos, 500px does have some pay features and upgraded account statuses, but for I use it for, the free account works fine for me, but it’s up to you.

If you already are on 500px, let me know in the comments, and we’ll connect!  I’m always looking for great work to enjoy.




Evolution of My Flower Photography

I’ve been doing this photography thing seriously for about nine years now, and I thought it would be neat to see how my photos have evolved and changed throughout the years with a subject I love:  flowers.  Let’s take a look at the evolution of my flower photography through this handy dandy slide show.



I hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much I did.  I had to choose my favorites from quite a few years!

How has your photography grown throughout the years?  I think it’s a good exercise to take a look back at your older work and see what you’ve done and how you’ve come along.