Ice carving of a beta fish at the Reading Fire + Ice Fest in Reading, PA, USA

Testing Out my New Smartphone Camera

I recently upgraded my old smartphone to a new one, an iPhone 6s Plus.  I wanted a bigger phone, and my husband and I usually stick with Apple phones, usually a model behind the most recent one. I know, my phone has been out a while, but it’s new to me.

On January 14, 2017, Joan and I went to the Reading Fire and Ice Fest in Reading, PA, USA.  It’s the third year in a row we’ve gone, and that’s how many years the festival has been happening.

Ah, but this year I didn’t take my DSLR.  Nope.  It was drizzling outside, and I don’t like to take my good camera out in the rain, but I figured my phone would be a decent proxy if I wanted to take some photos, like I did, of the beta fish ice carving above.

The camera in the iPhone 6s Plus is decent.  You can do those live photos now.  I tend to turn them into GIFs, like this one of my dog getting his belly rubbed.  Sputnik's belly rub face

Ok, back to the fest.  Here are two more photos from the fest that I took.

Ice carving at the Reading Fire and Ice Fest 2017


Angel fish ice carving from the Reading Fire and Ice Fest 2017

Huh, I just realized that all three photos that I chose to feature here are carvings of fish.  I can be so thick sometimes.

I also popped these three photos into Lightroom to see what results I could do to jazz them up.


That’s basically the ice aspect of the fest.  As for the fire, here are a few that I captured on my phone.  You can see more of the fire photos over on my hooping blog.

As usual, it’s hard to capture frozen motion in low light on a smartphone camera.  At least my model of the iPhone isn’t immune to that.  I believe the iPhone 7 does better.

The iPhone 6s Plus has the usual decent iPhone camera.  It’s good in a lot of situations.  It’ll do.

Icy Fire with my GoPro

I was gladly able to go through my GoPro photos and video, and see what I got.  Well, obviously I got the above photo.  I wasn’t that close to the performer, Madeleine Belle, and had to lift that tiny camera way above my head, and since I’m pretty short, that wasn’t very high, either.

Still, here’s a few more shots of fire performance.





I know, they are blurry, but with motion blur and how fast she was moving, I think they are pretty cool!

Oh, not leave out the video part, but here’s a short one that I took of the ice slide at the fest.

Looks like fun!


Second Annual Reading Fire + Ice Fest

I was at the First Annual Reading Fire + Ice Fest last year. It was frickin’ cold, and there was neat things to see and good entertainment.  I told myself that I was going to dress warmer and bring my camera for the next year.

I did both.

I got some excellent shots of both the fire, such as Philadelphia-based fire flow artist Madeleine Belle, featured above, and ice, such as the carver below.



I had a really great time!  I was there with Joan, and you can see her video of one of Madeleine Belle’s performances here.

If you would like, I actually posted these photos over on Flickr, rather than Zenfolio.  I will post them on Zenfolio soon, but I want to go through my GoPro shots and footage first.  Stay tuned for that!

2016 Reading Fire + Ice Fest

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